Tracey Forrester


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Realtor turned Affordable Legal Help Advocate

Tracey’s career background is Real Estate. She’s a great listener and that shines through as she is listing your home or showing a home. A few years ago, Tracey required legal assistance. As she shopped through her options including meeting with a local attorney, a friend recommended LegalShield. She chose to proceed with LegalShield because it was a fraction of the cost. Little did she know, she was to be blown away by the incredible service of her Provider Attorney through LegalShield. She couldn’t believe that she could get BETTER service from an attorney who was a FRACTION of the cost. She quickly went from customer to raving fan to Independent Associate.

Tracey Forrester is a PPLSI Independent Associate


LegalShield and IDShield

Real Estate

LegalShield and IDShield

Real Estate Services

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